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We're using data to match you with period products & experts that are right for you! Get the support you've always wanted to transform your period experience.


Period pain is not normal.
So why should we suffer?

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Learn how to manage Cramps Mood Swings Hormones for a better life.

Learn about how to transform your period experience

Prevent & Manage Cramps ⚡

Balance your hormones ⚖️

PMS Yoga 🧘🏿‍♀️

CBD for pain 🍃

Minimise Fatigue 💥​

Manage Mood Swings 😇

Maximise Productivity 💻

Non-Hormonal Birth Control 💊​

Lean about Cycle Synching 🦋​

Period experts you can rely on

Naam - Menstrual Cycle Coach

Le'Nise - Period Nutritionist

Juspreet - Fertility Educator

Melissa - Yoga Therapist

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Exposing the gender-gap in the healthcare system & exploring new, avant-garde, alternative ways in which we can take back control of our bodies.

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